Dangerous goods: ValuJet Flight 592 Crash

septiembre 27 2018

On May 11, 1996, it was a dark day for commercial aviation. Flight 592 of the American Airline ValuJet Airlines took off at 14:04 from the Miami airport with 105 passengers and 5 crew on board. After six minutes of flight, smoke was reported in the passenger cabin then leaked to the pilots. In just ten minutes and in an attempt to return to the track, the pilots lost knowledge and control of the flight. The plane rushed over the Everglades. No one survived.

The subsequent investigation showed that the cargo area of the DC 9 burned down as a result of the explosion of several cylinders loaded with oxygen that had been reported as empty, and that were also packed in an erroneous manner, which generated a voracious fire whose gas cloud toxic caused the 110 people on board to lose consciousness before the plane hit the ground.

It was also evident that the airline did not perform the maintenance of its aircraft, did not train its operators in the handling of this type of goods and outsourced their revision. Saber Tech was the company that owns the cylinders and went bankrupt even before a fault was issued. The conditions of packaging, type and risk of the merchandise were never verified.

A dangerous substance is any substance or product that during its manufacturing process, handling, transport, storage or use generates or releases substances harmful to human health and the environment. To transport these materials, it is necessary to carry out a classification according to their chemical characteristics and their degree of danger.

To transport of dangerous goods is a challenge, both bureaucratic and security. Only an experienced logistics operator will be able to overcome all barriers, monitor and comply with delivery to destination. Air transport of dangerous goods is a huge traffic activity around the world and requires professional and experienced support from cargo operators to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

With more of ten years and the confidence deposited in CGOOD by the aeronautical sector allows us to offer all the guarantees in the treatment and management of cargo of merchandise classified as dangerous. Our goal is to guarantee increasingly safe and reliable loading procedures.


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