Cessna 172-S from Chile

octubre 03 2018

A new operation was successfully carried out during the month of July. The iconic Cessna 172-S was transported from the city of Melipilla (Chile) to the capital of the Atlantic (Barranquilla, Colombia).

The operation was done the first couple weeks of July. The aircraft departed from Melipilla by its own and arrived in Barranquilla where it was nationalized by the Colombian Aeronautical Industry Corporation (CIAC).

The Cessna 172 is a single-engine high-wing with capacity for four people, is manufactured by the company Cessna. It is the most manufactured aircraft in history and probably the most popular training aircraft in the world.

The way It is design, stability and relatively low speed, make this single-engine an excellent device for search and rescue operations, that been said, this is why the United States Border Police has a large fleet of Cessna 172 used for surveillance on the border with Mexico, and it is precisely the National Police of Colombia, the final recipient of this aircraft.

CGOOD Carga acted as an air carrier and managed the transfer operation with the always timely support of its team of cargo agents and was able to guarantee the arrival of the plane to its destination in perfect conditions.

CGOOD is the leading international freight company in the region and number one in the aeronautical sector.

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