Cessna 208B: new Import Operation by CGood

febrero 21 2019

From Tabatinga (Brazil) to Guaymaral in Bogota, a new successful import operation by CGood SAS

On February 13 2019, the Cessna 208B, also known as Cargomaster, a short-range turboprop utility plane manufactured in the United States by Cessna, departed from the city of Tabatinga, a Brazilian city located at the western end of the state of Amazonas on the banks of the Amazon River.

The recognized Cessna in this configuration of 17 seats, departed from the Brazilian city on Wednesday February 13 by its own means to Leticia in the department of Amazonas (Colombian territory), where it arrived the same day to make a short stop before leaving to its final destination at the airport of Guaymaral in the city of Bogota where it landed on February 14.

CGood was in charge of this operation in which Cessna entered the country under the figure of Temporary Importation of Means of Tourist Transport. The aircraft was delivered at the agreed times and conditions and to the full satisfaction of the customer. In this way CGood continues to consolidate itself as a strategic ally of value for the Colombian aeronautical sector.


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