Bell 206L3 from Panama

marzo 06 2019

We closed the month of February 2019 with the management of import of a new aircraft. This is the Bell 206 Helicopter, the elastic version of the popular Bell 206 Jet Ranger: a 5-passenger single-engine with a club cabin with two and three rear-facing seats. Its cruising speed reaches 100 knots and also has a two-bladed rotor system, giving it the smoothest ride in its class.

The Bell 206 in its LongRanger version is a harmonious composition of cost and capacity. The Bell incorporates years of experience in flying hours and is one of the best examples where an aircraft integrates safety, power, power and cabin space, giving it great versatility in the development of multipurpose tasks.

CGood was in charge of this new import operation with which we continue to move forward in our purpose of enriching the growing confidence of the aeronautical sector in our management and diligence in specialized aeronautical cargo. The aircraft was delivered at the agreed times and conditions and to the full satisfaction of the customer. We are CGOOD, cargo of the world for Colombia.


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