Piper: Wyoming to Guayaquil

diciembre 16 2019

With the support of CGood Carga and with total success, a new aeronautical cargo operation was carried out.


It is a Piper aircraft that was transferred from Wyoming in the United States to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The Piper crossing began in Wyoming last October with its transfer to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, then the island of Jamaica and finally its arrival in Cartagena for refueling. For this operation CGood acted as an authorized air carrier before DIAN.

After the verification processes before Immigration Colombia and Anti-narcotics Police, Piper took flight again to go to Guaymaral airport where he was subjected to different maintenance tasks and adjustments.

After more than 35 days in maintenance, the Piper flew under the modality of export to the city of Cali where it made a new refueling and was later received in the city of Guayaquil (Ecuador).

CGood, as an authorized air carrier, managed and supported the entire operation in order to ensure success in the planning formulated.

CGood is an expert in cargo, transportation and logistics for the aeronautical industry.


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